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A Passage to India and a Passage to Sexuality

A Passage to India’s exploitations of sexuality surrounded by conversations of power makes it possible to comprehend that to be rape-able is a social situation crossing over the lines of genetics and race. The novel stumbles upon hostility, death, nature, loneliness, sexuality and the comatose.  A Passage to India has numerous relationships that are driven by sexuality and colonialism. There is the suggestion that a woman with ivory skin would by no means have sex with a man that has brown skin. There are also suggestions of illicit sex, homosexuality, lesbianism, and even sex with native boys.

This is about a young woman named Adela who begins her awakening to her own sexuality. This sexuality comes when she is in a temple with erotic statues. At this time Adela falsely accuses Aziz of her rape which later during the trial she claims it was a mere hallucination, possibly her own inner sexual hallucination.                                                                                                                                                                                              

Aziz and Fielding have an underlying connection to each other throughout the novel. The two men have a significant misunderstanding when discussing an alleged affair which involves Adela. The intense discussion comes about when two individuals do not consider sexuality in the same context. Sexuality seemed to always be a point of controversy for them because Fielding feels that Aziz has an insensitive frame of mind when it comes to a women’s beauty and her sexuality. Aziz and Fielding’s constant underlying connection could be considered a homosexual erotic attraction to each other which ultimately could be the ongoing barrier that stands between them.

The novels overall theme should be a frustration for all women. Sex was viewed as a woman’s obligation to make the family, to procreate. Women’s bodies were ports for men to enter for their pleasure and ports for bearing children. Aziz spoke in disdain about his deceased wife and how he viewed her to be unappealing to him, however, to fulfill his religious obligations he had sex with her. He described the sex as two animals having sex as opposed to making love to his wife.

This could have brought nothing but pure discontent to all the women, English and Indian. The men were duplicitous, inhuman, and many seemed to be haters of women. The women realized that the men made promises that they never intended to keep. The phony Englishmen promised to treat the Indians as though they were the English equal. However, this never happened. The women stood back and watched the games that their men played with the Indian’s and the senseless cruelty that they subjected everyone to, even them.

A Passage to India